murogeopietra is currently the only manufactured stone and brick veneer that meets the needs

of external insulation systems and improves their performance.


As a major player in the construction industry, Geopietra is committed to obtain the certification of its products and installation processes so as to provide the best guarantee of use on site.

FRANCE July 2016 | Murogeopietra system has brilliantly passed all the tests on materials and installation procedures requested by the French public authority CSTB / Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batîment. It also obtained the Technical Evaluation (Avis Technique) and the Document Technique d’Application (DTA) by the committee (CCFAT) for its suitability for use in innovative construction methods.




Thermal resistance
On structures exposed to fire hazards (wooden structures, EPS thermal insulation), the presence of murogeopietra makes the insulation cladding resistant to fire for longer, thus facilitating the evacuation of the building during a fire. 

Improved sound performance 
The asymmetric surface of murogeopietra (especially in models with a more rugged texture) creates a barrier against sound waves. The veneer mass overlaps the structural mass and attenuates sound propagation. 

Increased thermal lag
Thanks to the excellent mass-to-thermal conductivity ratio, murogeopietra enhances insulation and extends the thermal lad of the building structure, thus increasing cooling performance in the summer months.  

murogeopietra is known and appreciated for its unequalled aesthetic qualities, and can add numerous benefits to the efficiency of buildings. 

Thermal protection
The high thermal inertia of murogeopietra acts as a shield against surface thermal shocks, which are the main cause of the collapse of external insulation systems, since temperature variations (even sudden in certain circumstances) do not directly hit the insulation layer but they are dampened by the protective outer cladding. 

Wind load resistance
murogeopietra, combined with the Georete mesh base and the safety screw anchoring system, helps reduce problems due to high wind load. 

Enhanced surface performance
murogeopietra protects the surface of the insulation layer against any dents.

murogeopietra expresses its best technical properties in the cladding of external thermal insulation systems and enhances its overall performance. 

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