The benefits of natural manufactured stone veneer in modern building projects relate to energy savings, eco-sustainability and the wellbeing of building occupants.

Geopietra® is the most authentic manufactured stone veneer in the world. The perfect combination of aesthetics and technical performance has created the ideal covering for indoor and outdoor walls. 

The natural constituents of this material and excellent breathability (26.4 μ) ensure the healthy function of the enclosed living area, enabling the natural passage of any condensation.

Its advantages include lightweight characteristics, excellent permeability against steam and low heat conductivity, making it unique external insulation for buildings.

Murogeopietra® coverings enhance the insulation features of cladding and make the structure stronger and sturdier, while meeting the criteria of bio-construction and energy efficiency principles.

i vantaggi di Murogeopietra


Geopietra® natural manufactured stone veneer masonry is designed to weigh 50-70 kg/m² according to the chosen pattern and installation method, compared to 600-700 kg/m² of natural stone masonry. This property makes Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer ideal for cladding lightweight structures, such as coating, plasterboard, cement fibre, wooden panels, insulated sheets and mobile structures. It does not require any particular embodiments for any types of installation, including sky-high ones, or any particular foundation or specifically reinforced structures.

The healthy function of the housing envelope is guaranteed by the natural ingredients used and excellent breathability of Geopietra® natural manufactured stone veneer (μ 26.4). The wall breathes, remains dry and allows the natural transition of water condensate. Geopietra® natural manufactured stone veneer thus enhances the insulation performance of external thermal insulation systems. The new GeoBi two-component mortar has also been lightened using materials that allow an even surface finishing.  

Experimenting with density and porosity has led to defining the perfect balance between resistance and thermal inertia that is ideal for installing insulation and safeguarding all types of installations. Geopietra® coverings offset thermal shock due to sudden atmospheric changes, and have very long absorption and release times. The LEPIR II test carried out in France at the CSTB test facility in July 2018 confirmed that the EPS insulation panels are protected by the stone. Murogeopietra® procedure on EPS meets criteria regarding the non-propagation of flames. The procedure on EPS passed the LEPIR II test, allowing it to clad R+4 buildings up to 2,000 m altitude with joints technique.

The thickness of Geopietra® manufactured stone varies from 3 to 7 cm, while that of manufactured brick is from 1.5 to 3 cm, according to pattern. Reducing the thickness does not affect the end result in terms of aesthetics, function and sensorial feeling: rather it provides great space-saving both indoors and outdoors, which is a major requirement today.
Geopietra® natural manufactured stone is available in individual pieces of varying sizes. Each model has special angular pieces to give walls three-dimensionality, precisely reproducing the appearance of a loadbearing installation.

Geopietra® natural manufactured stone is made solely of natural components, and contains the aesthetic appeal of natural stone in just a few centimetres. With unmatched authenticity and naturalness, it contributes to reducing stone quarrying and safeguards the environment and landscape. Geopietra® upholds environmental values and construction traditions, while pursuing energy efficiency and the wellbeing of building occupants in line the principles of bioarchitecture.

Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer is the only product in the European construction industry that can boast 50 years of experience acquired by the parent company, which is tested frost-proof and extensively tested in widely different climates. The technical developments made to make it suitable for installation on thermal insulation systems and the improved weight and thermal resistance have led to an increase in internal micro-porosity, thus creating more space for water expansion when it is transformed into ice. Water absorption has been reduced by a further 20% compared to previous formulations.

Geopietra® natural manufactured stone is fireproof. The CSTB test carried out on Murogeopietra® coverings fitted to 160 mm thick EPS insulation to determine fire and smoke classification in accordance with standard EN 13823, certifies Murogeopietra® as a fireproof material and attests to a complete absence of toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Class A2/B, s1, d0.
This means that murogeopietra coverings can protect underlying insulation from heat, preventing sublimation and collapse for the time required to evacuate safely. 

Colouring is produced using permanent mineral oxide pigments only. The colour develops through a carbonation process and becomes stable after 2-6 months of being exposed to atmospheric agents. No unwanted colour changes are observed, even after years of exposure.

Another benefit of Geopietra® natural manufactured stone is that it can be applied with a few tools, installed in a clean, convenient manner, and the amount of material required is easy to calculated, avoiding waste. It is delivered in boxes that are easy and quick to handle on site and on scaffoldings. At the end of work, only the boxes and empty adhesive and mortar bags need to be disposed of.

Mould technology, the unique ageing process, and manual techniques painstakingly transform the stone into a one-off, craft product.
Geopietra® natural manufactured stone is able to combine and express different styles and architectural designs. Excellent technical features and full compatibility with current construction systems and materials mean it is especially appreciated in contemporary architectural solutions, which draw character and emotional strength from these designs. Geopietra® offers the chance to create a unique design, and express a personal vision of creativity and inhabitation.

Rich with hues of an antique flavour, the surface of Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer is valued for its detail and uniqueness thanks to colours applied by hand. Geopietra® has always chosen not only to reproduce the shades of nature, but also its most emotional version - time.

Geopietra® natural manufactured stone is aged with the use of typically rustic and mossy shades that give the perception of passing time, which newly quarried stone can't have. This colour scheme is created by hand and is as unique as each stone itself.

The many advantages of Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer include the wide range of shapes, profiles and models available in a variety of unrivalled, permanent colours. A warehouse of 10,000 m² guarantees immediate availability and the ability to fulfil future orders.

The wide range of Murogeopietra® models and shades available gives you the chance to create specially customised combinations for a specific project. These bespoke wall solutions on request have transpired from specific requirements and the close collaboration of the research and development laboratory with designers and customers.




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