Murogeopietra® is a remarkable material for shaping your projects to your own taste and requirements - create an original, characteristic wall and customise your design with our support.

Assembling a manufactured stone veneer wall means creating it in its entirety, understanding its architectural 'symphony' and attempting to draw out its sound.

Wall solutions available ON REQUEST are customised mixes of models and shades, specially created for a particular project. These wall solutions transpire from the close collaboration of the research and development laboratory with designers and customers.

Due to their international significance some of these creations are now available in the Murogeopietra® collection

Choosing a façade covering is important whatever the design. A building’s external wall is the first aspect that illustrates its style, with its balance and volumes, organising the arrangement of openings, and giving weight or lightness to the structure. With Murogeopietra® it is possible to recreate the charm of traditional walls, reproduce the design of a wall photographed on a trip, design the wall most suited to a location, combine stone walls with contemporary materials, and preserve, renovate or create solutions from scratch.


Specialism with simplicity

Throughout Europe you will find expert consultants to help you create customised walls. This can be facilitated by directly contacting our research and development laboratory.

Just send the project outline and some photographs of the wall solution to be recreated, in order to initiate the process of seeking the most suitable mix of stone, along with recommendations on the colour of mortar, installation instructions, and grouting techniques. Pictures of our proposal will be sent via e-mail, and once approved a sample panel can be made up on customer request to check the solution on site. The combination of models and colours will then be arranged and boxed already mixed, to enable quick and accurate installation on site.


Create the right tune with stone, colours and finishes.

Specially created to research traditional solid walls, our laboratory offers innovative solutions and is an endless source of inspiration. It creates authentic walls and new models in collaboration with architects, starting with photographic examples. 

Some examples of walls designed on request are shown below, with the wall to be reproduced on the left, and the design implemented with Murogeopietra® on the right.

A modern interpretation of tradition

An original, suitably insulated (Mastrosistema®) architectural design for a contemporary villa stretching over natural terracing overlooking Lake Como.

The careful consideration of the original wall system, the selection of models, and detail in the expert dry installation, with the use of small GEOFIT® chips, make it hard to distinguish between the new extension and the pre-existing walls.

Perfect integration, in the territory and its history

Murogeopietra® is very much at home in the countryside, among the stones of a period building where history and contemporary requirements fit together perfectly.

The primitive core needed to be extended structurally, and adapted for technology and systems. The design with Murogeopietra® external insulation meets the requirements of the upgrade, and contributes to the understated elegance of the residence.

The rustic mortar technique accentuates the beauty of the volumes, and reproduces the rural, aged effect of the original part of the villa.

Analysing techniques and original construction materials

Murogeopietra® specially created on request to renovate and extend a historic rural property on the hills around Lake Garda.

Considerable focus was placed on the choice of models and the insertion of small stones and chips to reproduce the old wall arrangement. Terrakotta brick arches and detail fit perfectly into original structures, creating decorative features typical of the area.

The naturalness of Murogeopietra® and liberal use of GeoBi mortar create the atmosphere of an ancient, exclusive district.


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