Manufactured brick

Manufactured Terrakotta

The Terrakotta brick slips in the manufactured version realistically produce the colours and textures of natural terracotta, adding rustic charm to recovered bricks. Also designed and optimised for use with all models of Geopietra® manufactured stone, manufactured brick has exceptional technical qualities and freeze resistance features. As a result of its characteristics, manufactured brick enhances the efficiency of thermal insulation and makes an external thermal insulation structure more robust and resistant.

Available in 2 Shade
Natural brick

Natural Terrakotta

The Terrakotta brick slips in the natural version has retained the charm and characteristics of traditional brick tried and tested throughout the centuries. Mixes passed down through generations and perfected in terms of cohesion and grip are baked in ovens at a temperature between 800 °C - 1200 °C. The models in natural version are chosen in the best brick factories in Northern Europe: unique models with a refined surface that are still produced with manual procedures and cut to a thickness of few centimeters from solid pieces.