GeoFlat | Piana | Appenninico BIG

Available in 2 Shades
3,5 / 4,5 cm~


| FLAT |
Various Dimensions: from 15 to 24 cm~
LONG SIDE mixed 40 and 76 cm~

PIANA APPENNINICO BIG P44 can be combined with the following models:

LEDGE STONE: Versilia P86.

SQUARE: Alberese P88, Badia P84Maniero P42, Toscano P72.

SPONTANEOUS: Alpe P77, Briano P91, Burago P79, Chianti P89, Contadino P70, Morenico P74, Rivarolo P87.

OPUS INCERTUM: Iseo P32, Maso P83, Morsone P37.

Available shades

appenninico big m
Marrone | M |
Grigio | G |

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