Through sessions and courses on manufactured stone veneer we endeavour to convey the art of covering bases with stone, analysing not just the visual aspect, but also structural stability on the latest materials.

Sharing knowledge

Unique, in-depth knowledge of the material and the development of procedures and tested systems, has enabled us to produce detailed installation instruction manuals and tutorial videos, training courses and educational sessions for professionals. 

Tangible tools enable anyone planning to design and construct using stone coverings to do so with support, and highlight the suitability of Murogeopietra® for use in innovative construction methods.

These courses emphasise the use of manufactured stone veneer in architecture as a product designed to safeguard the environment and ensure the wellbeing of building occupants. They analyse the benefits of Murogeopietra® with new construction materials, dry structures and external insulation systems. 

Internally or externally, our installation school can deliver training courses and practical exercises that focus on the requirements of installation teams of any level or nationality. 

Seminars on theory and refresher courses are held every year at our headquarters and in many European cities, for which professional training credits are awarded. 

The latest addition is an online accredited course which architects can complete free of charge, and from the convenience of their work premises.

Courses in live presence

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