Special parts designed and developed by Geopietra® transpire from the need to finish, enhance and customise Murogeopietra® with the best finishing accessories. 

The authenticity of Geopietra® in special format

All Geopietra® accessories are the result of careful analysis of aesthetic and technical requirements spanning more than twenty years of practical experience. Quality mixes and technical techniques create innovative accessories to resolve specific installation issues while enhancing aesthetic detail.

Classic colours and surface finishes are incredibly vibrant, and specially designed to fit perfectly with the wide range of Murogeopietra® shades available. As in the case of natural manufactured stone wall covering, Geopietra® accessories also combine aesthetics with functionality.

Beauty and the sensation of days gone by are also envisioned in our column heads, coping, GeoFit® chips, large flat panels and rustic angle bars.

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