At Geopietra® we are looking to the future through new eyes, certain that by taking action today, the changes we want to see in the world will be realised. Because we are people who really do believe in dreams, and this is the starting point for the Geopietra® philosophy.

Every wall is a door

Every wall is a door. Behind what appears as a limit an opportunity is concealed … There’s always a way beyond, through, around.

family photo gallery

When flicking through the Geopietra photo gallery we encounter the photographer’s gaze – the fragile vibrations of light and love that are reflected in his eyes are transformed into particles of new matter. In dual shots, memory models places and feelings; intertwines time and space, matches reality and imagination. Life is revealed in its creative flow of light and shadow.

Sensations of life

Stillness does not exist in nature. Everything is animated by a relentless life-force. Geopietra knows very well this incessant pulsation of life. The old stones re-connect us with our ancestors and keep a thousand-year old wisdom alive. Let’s awaken our respect for the values of existence that nature has handed to us over the millennia.

Being geo

Being geo means remembering that were once children, that we ran for hours in a meadow or followed tenaciously the flight of a butterfly; recalling that enthusiasm, that purity, so that they lead us to what really matters in life. Being geo means living in harmony with the earth, knowing that being faithful to nature helps the best part of us grow with love.

Looking at nature

Geopietra creates its manufactured stone veneer drawing inspiration from the man-nature link, by conveying into this material all the sensations and passion that technique alone cannot convey.


Love and respect for nature, of which we all are an integral and living part, have always been a driving force for us, and by creating and developing our materials we intend to convey with these pictures the harmony of the dialogue that our stone has established with the natural environment.

A mutual love

Mutual love and absolute harmony of emotions bind man and stone in these pictures – the body suggests the shape, the proportions; the stone evokes the gesture, the feeling. A tribute to natural, primordial, universal beauty.

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