Safeguarding operations and their outcome is our priority, and the tested and guaranteed murogeopietra® and mastrosistema® systems are a concrete solution.


Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer is guaranteed
for 50 years from the date of purchase if used according
to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Geopietra® warranty is limited to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to a subsequent owner. The supplier will replace faulty items at no charge.

The Geopietra® does not cover damage caused by:

  • Subsidence in constructions or other wall movements;
  • Contact with chemical products or paints;
  • Discolouration caused by air pollutants;
  • Dirt or oxidisation.

The Geopietra® warranty covers product manufacturing defects. It does not cover labour costs for removing and replacing faulty products.

The warranty will be rendered invalid and retailers will not be liable for problems that arise in the case where the user does not follow the installation instructions and recommendations outlined in the Technical Manual provided with each supply (or available for download at, and does not use use the Geocoll® and GeoBi products recommended by Geopietra® srl. 

I prodotti utilizzati per mastrosistema® sono garantiti dalle aziende FASSA Srl e Geopietra Srl.

Tutti i materiali, previsti per l’impiego in mastrosistema®, sono prodotti in conformità alle attuali direttive europee ed alle norme di legge vigenti; a tutela del consumatore vengono inoltre applicate le norme di legge ai sensi dell’Art.1519-bis e seguenti del Codice civile.

FASSA Srl e Geopietra Srl garantiscono per mastrosistema®, purché sia assicurato un impiego a regola d’arte, in conformità alle direttive di lavorazione, ai disegni di dettaglio sviluppati da FASSA Srl e Geopietra Srl ed alle schede tecniche in dotazione.

Technical sheets

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GUARANTEES geopietra
GUARANTEE of the integrated system


product specification geopietra
product specification geocoll

System levelling glue

geobi specification

two-component grouting mortar for murogeopietra

georete specification

wide-link fibreglass mesh

geopietra maintenance instructions
geopietra installation instructions

in contact with water or persistent sources of moisture