We love the land, the strength and vitality of its colours, and its variety of landscapes that provide inspiration for the Murogeopietra® palette.

We adore the imperfection of surfaces smoothed and sculpted by the passage of time, the power of certain colours, the value of speckles, mottling and changes in tone.

The natural-looking manufactured stone veneer by Geopietra® with sought-after textures and meticulous detail, is also made unique by its special, colour finish completed by hand.

We only use natural, mineral oxides of the highest quality to give surfaces rich, authentic tones. Each stone is coloured and aged manually with pigments, powders and shading. As a result, the natural-looking Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer is transformed into a unique craft material, an unparalleled piece of nature.

The absorption of pigments in moulds reproduces the fresco technique. By the same principle the colour sets due to carbonation, therefore the colour incorporated in the material lasts indefinitely.

To ensure that fastness and resistance to light, the colour, which penetrates deep down, requires a long development period. The material is therefore packaged in special boxes while still damp, so the process takes place slowly and colour development is complete once installed on site.

Geopietra® palette is vibrant and adds character and authenticity to every project.


The purity & energy of creativity


White is a very common colour among natural stone. We have chosen to represent a reclaimed material consumed by time, which has a variety of shades and is never monochrome. Tones which are warm (Bianco Reale and Lione) and cold (Bianco Marmo and Bianco Terra), along with the layer left by time, combine perfectly with the lighter shades of grey and brown.


Monotony doesn't exist in nature 


Grey is generally considered to be a cold colour, and in nature is disguised as a thousand shades.
Our light and dark base shades of grey are extremely versatile, and are ideal for contemporary architecture designs. Grey mixes well with other shades, remembering not to exceed a 5-10% of grey when mixing warm tones.


All the sensuality of the earth


Brown connects us to Mother Earth, reminding us of our roots. It is developed in the base shades and special colours, and can be mixed with other shades, avoiding contrasts that are too strong. In some of our models we have matched it with our range of warm whites and medium grey shades. The Marrone Costa shade matches better with grey, even if it is dark.


Solid as nature dictates

Geopietra® draws inspiration from nature, but understands design and site requirements and therefore has 10,000 m² of warehouse space available, with around 50 models of natural manufactured stone veneer in 130 shades that are always ready to meet your requirements. We provide shades and natural textures, with every grain variation possible, that are similar to those obtained from quarrying operations. Our stone is therefore sustainable as it uses less quarried products, is highly breathable, and its production complies with the three pillars of bio-construction regarding health, the environment and energy savings.


In nature, the colour of stone is due to the fusion
of a fairly infinite range of shades and hues.



Choose the models and shades most suited to your project from the vast collection of Geopietra® brick and stone.


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