This technical Geopietra manual outlines information and situations that correspond to the skill and practical experience we have gained on building sites over 20 years. The aim is to provide useful instructions, however fitters have full liability for any final choices made. Each site contains too many variables to enable a one-size-fits-all approach, and a reliable solution can only be obtained following an on-site inspection and careful assessment by a professional. The material for each order undergoes three quality checks before being dispatched, however it is still advisable to check that the model, colour and quantity correspond to details on labels and delivery notes on receipt of the goods.

Packaging should be intact at the time of delivery and have no signs of tampering or breaks in the package seals. It is the retailer’s responsibility to check packaging is intact on receipt of the goods and to note any issues on the delivery note, which should be countersigned by the transporter as specified in the terms and conditions of sale outlined with the price-list.


Customers have a week following delivery to highlight any issues, after which the material is considered as accepted. The company accepts no liability for partially or fully installed material.


Material arriving on sites must be stored out of the reach of possible knocks or damage caused by vehicles and operators. Geocoll® adhesive and GeoBi mortar must be stored in rooms away from bad weather and dampness, which could cause them to harden.

Given that these are quality materials they should be treated with care. The company checks the contents of supplies thoroughly on their departure and disclaims all liability for any shortages during transportation that have not been verified and acknowledged by it.

Temperature and humidity changes, in addition to the manual completion of the stone manufacturing process may lead to shade variations, as usually occurs with natural stone. It is advisable to purchase required amounts in batches, always considering walls

from edge to edge and the mixing of the various pallets and boxes during installation. You should pay attention to Terrakotta bricks too, since they are made of natural clay andpresent typical shades of the ageing, and they can therefore undergo the same variables of natural stone.

Geopietra® accepts no liability for the colour of additions or finishes after a period of time. It is unlikely for finishes to be the same as when laid after several years, as a result of natural ageing due to atmospheric agents and the deposit or absorption of dust. It is advisable to choose and reserve a product well in advance before it is to be used, in order to receive the goods in one batch in good time.


Geopietra® does not increase the sturdiness of walls where it is used.

When fitting cupboards or similar to walls covered with Geopietra® ensure they are secured to the loadbearing structure.

murogeopietra does not act as a barrier against rain. Bases must be suitably prepared before installation. (see section 3).

Prevent water infiltrations between the base wall and the wall covering using coping, flashing, caps and waterproofing. (see section 3)

• Do not use on areas with running or dripping water or slush containing salts or other chemical

substances used to melt snow and ice. Dripping or running water can mark the material; if it is unavoidable, treat the wall covering when completely dry. (see section 17)

• If installed in marine areas where the wind could transport salt deposits onto coverings, waterproof first when completely dry (see section 17).

• Chlorine and other chemicals can discolour Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer, therefore it is not recommended for use in swimming pools to mark lanes and edges.

• murogeopietra has only been designed for vertical assembly, therefore it is not suitable in horizontal installations for flooring, wall coping etc.



Geopietra® only uses natural products and unique manufacturing technology, making it possible to guarantee manufactured stone veneer for 50 years. 

It is then packed while still damp in special waterproof packaging with chemical hardening, development and colour setting processes which are still in progress.

These processes continue for several months and are only completed after installation, therefore when the material arrives on site shades will appear dark and then become lighter after exposure to the atmosphere.

(see photos)

The long drying process is crucial for the characteristics of the product and to set the colour.


NB.  The material is dispatched on pallets in secure waterproof packaging. During hot weather internal humidity may cause a slight bloom on packaging, however this will not damage the stone in any way and will disappear on opening the boxes.

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