murogeopietra® Plus is the new development of Geopietra®. This new installation style is beautiful and convenient in its simplicity. 

The observation of the natural landscape and unconstrained rural architecture has produced the SMALL / BIG / SASSO models of special inserts.

Nowadays, the art of dry stone walling has a key role in architecture, to ensure an authentic reconstruction and the interpretation of tradition with a modern twist. 

Using GeoFit, Geopietra can reproduce the small chips used to fill gaps between stones in dry stone walls. These small stones and rocks collected in the vicinity of constructions provide stability for larger stones in the walls of traditional homes. 
These details characterise the wall texture uniquely, according to the resources available in the area.

It’s called Plus the new solution Geopietra® + GeoFit® for an updated laying procedure, both dry and with joints.

The special models GeoFit® BIG and SASSO are perfect in completing the Plus installation with joints of murogeopietra®. BIG and SASSO facilitate the formation of horizontal courses, reducing installation timing and making the jointed masonry more detailed.

By adding GeoFit in different shapes, shades and quantities, murogeopietra plus is enhanced with detail and small features that make a difference and create harmonious solutions. The special GeoFit elements make on-site preparation and installation quick and practical. Furthermore, the horizontal nature of the design, uniform texture and visual stability of the stones are easier to create.


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