Our integrated systems meet high performance standards in terms of security, anti-seismic capability, durability and eco-efficiency and, thanks to the variety of styles, colours and quality finishes available, enable the construction of the stone walls of the future.

Security without forgoing harmony and beauty.

Dealing with current hot topics in the building trade every day has taught us how to optimise material, through concepts such as thermal inertia, insulation and breathability. Murogeopietra® is the only finish in manufactured stone veneer and brick that meets requirements of external insulation, improving its efficiency. After further analysis, Murogeopietra® became the first European system on ETAG 004-standard external insulation to pass anti-seismic tests.
Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer is created with pure, natural materials that replace loadbearing stone in modern construction systems, resolving the issue of covering structures safely and looking like a natural stone wall cladding.

Aesthetics and function together forever

Murogeopietra® is the fully integrated Geopietra® system of materials and proven, guaranteed installation techniques with considerable aesthetic appeal.

Evolution: a tangible emotion

Abitasistema® is the Geopietra® system that guarantees the implementation of Murogeopietra® on external insulation, throughout Europe.

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