The term Esseregeo means living in harmony with the land, knowing that being at one with nature helps us to develop the best part of ourselves with love.


New material to be shaped

The relationship between humankind and nature was once based on an ancient moral code. We started from there, from that code of unity that underpins existence, on a long path towards recreating the right balance between technology and nature encapsulated in the simplest of things, in the subtle detail of the complexity of things.

We transpired from places where stone is ubiquitous and recounts life stories. 

Natural stone gathered from the fields, rivers and mountains continues to provide us with inspiration, as does its masterful use in traditional constructions.

Consequently, we have put our energies, passion and determination into a new material for processing, which is authentic, elegant, creative and reliable and could replace the use of natural stone where possible, reducing quarrying operations and territorial deterioration.

The result is our natural manufactured stone veneer, which reproduces the beauty of natural stone, emphasises the hidden qualities that only time bestows, and eliminates the features that are now incompatible with the new requirements of sustainable, contemporary architecture.

uomini e donne colorati


Geopietra® dedicates its passion and colours, 
its desire to innovate and love of the land
to the people of tomorrow.


Every wall represents a door

Opportunities are hidden behind what appears to be a limitation...
There's always a way through, around or beyond.
We create walls to open doors.


Family photo gallery

When flicking through the Geopietra® photo gallery we encounter the photographer’s gaze – the fragile vibrations of light and love that are reflected in his eyes are transformed into particles of new matter. In dual shots, memory models places and feelings; intertwines time and space, matches reality and imagination. Life is revealed in its creative flow of light and shadow.

anziani a passeggio

Sensations of life

Tranquillity does not exist in nature. Everything is driven by an incessant vital force. Geopietra® fully understands this incessant pulse of life.

ragazzo sopra un albero

Being geo

Being geo means remembering that were once children, that we ran for hours in a meadow or followed tenaciously the flight of a butterfly; recalling that enthusiasm, that purity, so that they lead us to what really matters in life. Being geo means living in harmony with the earth, knowing that being faithful to nature helps the best part of us grow with love.


Looking at nature

Geopietra® creates its manufactured stone veneer drawing inspiration from the man-nature link, by conveying into this material all the sensations and passion that technique alone cannot convey.

pietra con simboli


Love and respect for nature, of which we all are an integral and living part, have always been a driving force for us, and by creating and developing our materials we intend to convey with these pictures the harmony of the dialogue that our stone has established with the natural environment.

bambino che dorme

A mutual love

Mutual love and absolute harmony of emotions bind man and stone in these pictures – the body suggests the shape, the proportions; the stone evokes the gesture, the feeling. A tribute to natural, primordial, universal beauty.



Know-how and passion have characterized the company since its outset. Ten years of intense work to achieve innovation in thermal insulation and dry wall finish.


The setting up of ABITA, a company aiming to capitalise on technical knowledge and aesthetic quality for an innovative cladding material as an alternative to natural stone and which can solve problems relating to building, design and environmental impact.


Supported by the know-how and production experience it acquired in the United States, Geopietra® starts its adventure with an innovative, durable, eco-friendly product, which is known as the “world’s most believable manufactured stone veneer”. The range of models and colours, the fidelity and flexibility of use immediately make it a much-loved and sought-after product for interiors and exteriors, in every architectural style throughout Europe.


Architecture started to take advantage of new materials. Thermal expansion constituted a weak point in joints between various elements. Geopietra® developed a new adhesive/skim coat, GeoColl®, with characteristics to ensure coverings are appropriately secured and last.


abitasistema®, the first guaranteed, integrated system was developed for the integrated implementation of manufactured stone veneer coverings on external insulation. The GeoBi mortar was modified during this year, to become a two-component product as breathable as the manufactured stone veneer.


The excellence of corporate research materializes in murogeopietra®, a system incorporating materials and laying to create walls that are truly unique, technically advanced and with a high quality finish, and cutting-edge energy-saving building solutions for those who want to design and build efficiently without structural and technical constraints. The new Abitasistema® method is used throughout Europe on buildings with thermal insulation cladding.


The establishment of a new partnership with FASSA BORTOLO, which led to the creation of MASTROSISTEMA, another major cladding system in dry construction consisting of applying new technologies to enhance the comfort of living in full harmony with nature and the environment.


Geopietra® encounters the carved lighting system OTTAGONO and begins a new collaboration with STRAL, a company belonging to the Palazzoli S.p.A. Group and specializing in the design and manufacture of stainless steel (marine grade) lighting fixtures for outdoor installation. Thanks to the new system developed by Geopietra®, OTTAGONO and STIKER can be incorporated into murogeopietra® on external thermal insulation backing, without requiring screw anchors or breaking the wall, thus eliminating any problems associated with thermal bridges and offering ample freedom of design.


murogeopietra® system has brilliantly passed all the tests on materials and installation procedures requested by the French public authority CSTB / Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batîment. It also obtained the Technical Evaluation (Avis Technique) and the Document Technique d’Application (TDA) by the committee (CCFAT for the use in original construction methods.

mastrosistema® thought and created for the installation of murogeopietra® on exterior thermal insulation Fassa Bortolo - is the first European quake proof system tested according to Eurocode 8 at the French public authority CSTB / Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batîment.


The new GeoCover coping was developed at the Geopietra® laboratory. The first model, named SPACCO (with spacco literally meaning cut), takes its name from the typical process performed to chisel out the edges, whereas the surface of the coping has a natural finish, with the sophistication and authentic appearance typical of the Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer design. 


Geopietra® felt it necessary to extend the results obtained in 2016 with the SBI (Single Burning Item) fire test to include façades on residential buildings, public buildings, accommodation facilities and multi-storey blocks, through the CSTB test, LEPIR II. The LEPIR II fire propagation test on exterior building façades was carried out on Fassa Bortolo EPS cladding. The murogeopietra® procedure on EPS is one of a kind, and fully meets fire prevention standards and criteria regarding the non-propagation of fire to higher floors. It has been endorsed for covering R+2 public buildings.


As part of ongoing research, Geopietra® created its exclusive GeoFit® chips in three versions with the SMALL/BIG/SASSO models, with shades in perfect harmony with the Geopietra® palette. The integration of special GeoFit® pieces with murogeopietra® created PLUS, a new style of installation with beauty and convenience in its simplicity.  



Sharing a useful idea and a sustainable choice

We must safeguard our territory wherever possible, and humankind must endeavour to use alternative, sustainable materials with less environmental impact. For us, natural manufactured stone veneer is a way of honouring this choice.
Murogeopietra® is a special material that knows how to fully engage, leaves space for instinct, stimulates creativity, and enables the development and formation of designs in a unique, authentic manner. However for us this isn’t enough, and can’t be for anyone seeking to express their own uniqueness.
For this reason, Geopietra® provides an expert consultation service in numerous regions, certified and tested systems, material that can be sourced quickly, and skilled, experienced installation personnel. The company is continually developing accessories and models, including bespoke solutions, and construction consultations complete our offering, making it possible for you to create unique designs.

A partnership of respect and quality

Find out more about the firms and architects throughout Europe using Murogeopietra® to express their exclusive designs with natural manufactured stone veneer



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