Geopietra® interacts with the sculpted light of the OTTAGONO model, designed by Isao Hosoe Design for STRAL, a company belonging to the Palazzoli Group, and which specialises in the production of outdoor stainless steel lighting systems.

Sculptures of light and stone

Ottagono is the on-trend line designed by Isao Hosoe Design, which provides an innovative way of fully experiencing light in terms of functionality, strength and durability.

“Ottagono is not light which opposes the darkness - it is light and darkness that interact to meaningly fill the essence of being human” stated the designer Takeo Hosoe. “Global socio-economic development has, until now, been based first and foremost on scientific and technical functionality, and neglected psychological wellbeing. Life requires functionality, but also the perception of space linked to taste, colour, sound, light and human relationships. It is design which must link mind and matter, to contribute to a good quality of life in the third millennium." Thanks to the new Geopietra® system, OTTAGONO has been specially designed to be incorporated into Murogeopietra® on traditional walls or external heat insulation without wall plugs and gaps, removing the problem of thermal bridges and enabling maximum design freedom.

The STRIKER and CAPRI spotlights by STRAL can be fitted to stone walls using the same fastening procedure.

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