“Prati di Gries” is the name of the newest and prestigious residential zone in Bolzano, designed to be people-oriented, an area completely pedestrianized, of high energetic efficiency (CASA CLIMA A), immersed in an innovative concept of “widespread green”, accomodating 1500 inhabitants ca. in 600 new apartments.

The construction plan featured the realization of structures in reinforced concrete, with full slab floors made on site. The municipal administration, moreover, imposed an attentive consideration on the strategies to contain the energetic consumption in order to enclose the new architecture in the parameters imposed by Dcc 96/38108 and by CasaClima A Nature, from autonomous province of Bolzano.

In the project it has been used the GRAFFIO murogeopietra® model in the Grigio Melange shade, laid on the facades of the buildings all along their entire height of 11 floors. Geopietra®, in addition to an aesthetic choice, is the only one that can be laid safely beyond the height of four floors.

Geopietra® went through and overcome the LEPIR II test on the propagation of external fire on the facades for regulated structures, public building, residential ones and skyscrapers made at the CSTB authority (Centre Scientifique et technique du Batimen) and the Antiseismic test. It is also a stone with a perfect balance between resistance and thermal inertia, ideal for laying on external thermal insulation and for protecting all types of substrates. The Geopietra® coating cancels thermal shocks due to sudden atmospheric changes and has very long absorption and release times. Geopietra® is not just a product but a guarantee of quality and reliability and advice.

residenze plurifamiliari pietra posa altezza

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