BNLA Architecten is a Dutch architectural studio active in the private building sector. Its projects are characterised by great attention to the customer's wishes and they are far away from standardised design.

This tendency is clearly evident in the renovation of this building on the outskirts of Amsterdam, in Badhoevedorp: from an old bungalow house, a distinctive, bright, spacious and atmospheric villa has been created. The layout of the spaces has been changed from the existing situation, enlarging the living area and connecting it to the adjacent gym via two glass passages, which surround a patio where a small Japanese garden has been inserted.

The horizontality of the connected volumes is emphasised by the panoramic window at the front. The wooden batten structure beside the window makes the connection to the garage doors in the extension. The horizontal linearity is consistent in all its details, including the choice of the shape of the sustainable stone cladding, which is enhanced by a layered, horizontal installation with elongated stones. In between the various modernisations, the living room and dining room are now separated by a laid dry double-sided wall clad in Geopietra® reconstituted natural stone. On one side of the wall is a gas fireplace, while on the other are two spaces designed to hold a screen and other things. The same dry-laid masonry of the interior, chosen in shades of light grey, is also found in other elements of the structure, particularly on the exterior, creating a common trait d'union between the different areas.

Observing the sleeping area from the outside, it’s also possible to glimpse a basement, visible thanks to a large garden-cavity with sliding French doors. The external walls have also been embellished with stone masonry, in the Blumone model. Designing a bungalow is an exciting and intense process. BNLA architects always start by mapping out the housing requirements, but they consider the applicable building codes and regulations too. This makes them great experts in designing, developing and supervising the construction of high-end bungalows.

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