The Sky la Rosière hotel residence located at the foot of ski slopes in the French Alps offers comfy and elegant accommodation with stunning views.

Apart from its superb location, the Sky la Rosière provides numerous facilities, including a large wellness area with solarium, gym and restaurant. For the interior decoration of the common areas and the deluxe suites, the architect Xavier Salerio chose to use Geopietra® reconstructed stone in the Briano model laid dry. This stone masonry creates a perfect balance of square and rounded shapes, skilfully harmonised by the presence of the three types of GeoFit® special tiles: small, big and stone. The Briano model is available in one colour, consisting of a mix of grey and light beige shades, enhanced by rust-coloured veins, which give the stone a fascinating, unique, lived-in look. The choice of the architect Salerio, who used Geopietra® as the cladding for the pillars surrounding the swimming pool in the wellness area, makes the environment look neat and welcoming, and the contrast of the blue hues of the pool with the warm ones of the wooden ceiling is equally impressive. The use of Geopetra® cladding in the hotel lounge and dining area further enriches and emphasizes the design choices in terms of furnishings, accessories and material combinations, all set against the backdrop of prestige and great attention to detail.


pilastro pietra posa secco interior modern style

Design: Arch. Xavier Salerio

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