“The project realized for our client consists of a single-family villa arranged on two floors, of compact and linear form revealing large internal spaces and bright volumes.”

"Located in a green and flat area among the nature, the villa, externally is sober and remembers “the typical Lombard rural construction”, yet with prestigious details and refined finishes, technologically totally integrated. To complete the structure there is a patio and a large pool in the backyard and a second building designated as parking and further additional services. Internally it is characterized by a living area of double height with a loft overlooking the living room, different rooms compose the night area, to complete the villa’s portions there is an equipped professional wine cellar in the ground floor, and different banquet areas to receive friends and guests. The interior of the villa is extremely bright and a large glass window allows to enjoy the patio and the pool area, creating a sort of symbiosis between outdoor natural environment and internal one. The materials used unify the traditional material, technological elements and Geopietra® cladding, matched with plaster and wood. In particular, since the image of the evocative villa of Lombard rural building needed an external covering that seemed completely natural, extremely resistant and with particular shade and dimensions, linked to the Lombard building tradition. For this reason, “Geopietra®” was a supportive and attentive for our architecture studio, able to create a customized cladding and fulfilling the specific requests, the shade and the stone articulation. The final effect is extremely natural, sober and harmonized in the context of the landscape and territory."

Arch. Franco Crugnola


In fact, murogeopietra® restarts from the natural context and works on the innovation of materials and construction techniques, also in terms of external thermal insulation, to give life to a new building effectiveness; it communicates with the existing and at the same time amazes, showing the actuality found in the elements of the tradition itself. The naturalness of murogeopietra®, combined with the irregularity of the mortar grouting, allows the rural charm of the Villa to remain intact. The choice of Terrakotta brick in natural terracotta, Rustico model, for the covering of the pillars, designs the entrance and also characterizes the style of the villa's interiors.


villa rurale opusincertum porta vetro

© Arch. Franco Crugnola


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