In the midst of a family homes estate in Bavaria, a dark wooden façade stretches on a Stone Base. Large window openings reveal both generosity and elegance.



Large window openings reveal both generosity and elegance. Set back from the street and sheltered by a wooden fence and adjacent buildings, the courtyard offers several different areas of intimacy for the owners: on one site a partially covered terrace and the other an outdoor pool, which can be entered directly from the master’s bedroom and bath. The side with the outdoor lounge is adjacent to a separate apartment for the almost adult child. The generous living room and kitchen space can be reached via a curved steel stair on the second floor. The Set back from the first floor allows a broad terrace both to the South and East. The typical pitched roof transforms from tin cover to glass, to shelter the outdoor fireplace. The owners wish, to live outdoors as much as possible, is obvious regarding the amount of various quality outdoor space.

Back inside, the eye catches a black steel framed glass space that is sitting just on top of the kitchen area. It is an acoustic refugium that still allows to be optically part of what is going on in the living room. Dark colors escort through the building: black Steel, dark wooden floors, black natural stone in the bathroom. Brightened by white walls, the house manages to be luxurious and, at the same time warm, friendly and down to earth. The first floor, that seems to be cut out of the sloped terrain gives the building a solid base. The natural stone look of the Geopietra® cladding promotes the archaic character, and, ones again, stresses out the owner’s way of living close to nature.

Murogeopietra® in the darkest shade of Toce and Blumone models mixed-up, is combined to the Sabbia light tone grouting, for a neat contrast that enhances the form of each single stone and harmonizes with the firm character of the entire project.



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