La Fenice del Monte Cervino (in english The Phoenix of Mount Cervino), a fine chalet located beneath the majestic peak of the Mount Cervino, encloses a unique story of rebirth.

Once known as Villa Bacchini, named after the owner, the inventor of the famous Allocchio-Bacchini radio, it represented one of the few villas in the international ski resort of Cervinia since the 1930s. A tragic fate marked its life as in 1980 the confluence of two avalanches caused its destruction. The original owners chose to sell what remained of the structure to the Harrison family of London, who, fascinated by old photographs of the residence and with a desire to restore the property to its former glory, rebuilt the villa. Hence the commitment to revive this historic building from its ashes: thus the name La Fenice del Monte Cervino was born. Respecting the tradition of the old chalet without sacrificing a high level of comfort is what inspired the renovation work of architect Mariapia Bettiol and her team in collaboration with interior contractor Concreta, completed in 2021. The intent was to give life to a place designed as a space to be lived in and at the same time rented out to customers. For this reason, inside the structure alongside the classic residential functions there are typical hôtellerie activities, such as a spa with a large indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath and outdoor whirlpool, a gym, a cinema room, a Ski Room and finally a Bike Room. La Fenice del Monte Cervino covers an area of 1,200 m² developed on six levels. Seven double rooms, a larger and a more private living room, a dining room, a buffet area, and a kitchen have been created inside the building. The magical atmosphere of this unspoiled place is reflected in the architecture, which is in perfect harmony with the outdoor: architect Bettiol's design concept was to use exposed stone and wood, recalling the tradition of mountain chalets. A rustic mood that dialogues with more sophisticated and modern materials such as velvet and crystal; all complemented by a neoclassical touch, a style particularly dear to the Harrison family. The chalet's incredible spaces create an intimate and warm mood with a strong connection to nature and the surrounding landscape, proposing a way of experiencing the mountains that reflects the classic chalet aesthetic consisting of light tones.

The beating heart of the building is the large and open living room defined by the presence of a magnificent fireplace, the focal point of the furniture around it and of the dining room from which it can be admired. Embedded in a wall, it separates the living area into two living rooms due to its double opening, allowing a perfect view of the fire from both rooms. The great scenic effect that the fireplace gives is highlighted by Geopietra®, the natural manufactured reconstructed stone, used to clad the large wall that houses it. The stone model that composes its texture is dry-laid Briano: it gives the modern and linear design a spontaneous hint, enhanced by the stone's distinctive variegated shape. Bringing stability and a greater value of three-dimensionality to the masonry are the corner stones, integrated into the corners of the cladding. The shade of stones is Grigio Chiaro, in perfect harmony with the soft shades of the refined furnishings. The hallways leading to the bedrooms and wardrobes are also transformed into impressive spaces thanks to the manufactured stone finish, whose light shades create beautiful contrast colours with the warm tones of the wood. All this is La Fenice del Monte Cervino: a fairy-tale place, brought back to life after forty years. An emblem of architecture and design, it sets a new standard for luxury without sacrificing the homely atmosphere of a mountain lodge.


Picture: Courtesy of Bettiol Architecture Studio
Photographer: Fabrizio Falcomatà


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