"Alpenfreude", the “alpine joy”, is a word used by Austrians to define a particular positive feeling.

This feeling is linked to the serenity that comes from spending long, happy days in a simple but authentic environment, according to Salzburg tradition. The “Lerchpeuntgut” agency chose to create a holiday home complex that takes this philosophy literally, with the aim of giving to its guests a totally relaxing experience and offering a peaceful but unforgettable stay. The chalets are located near Austrian green alpine pastures and a still unspoilt conifers forest, in a place that is magnificent and peaceful. The sixteen accomodating structures are a fifteen-minute walk from Tamsweg, a small mountain town in the south-east of Salzburg, historically dedicated to trade and alpine tourism, well known to winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to the chalets, a further building near the entrance to the area includes five flats, together with the reception. There is a swimming pond in the area.

In each of the structures, wood plays the leading role, both outside and inside, combined with Geopietra® cladding with natural manufactured stone, which was used for the external walls of the ground floor of some chalets and the building where the reception is located. The model chosen is Cascata, laid with joints, with the typical shapes of the Spontaneo profile: variegated and irregular. The shade is Grigio Perla that creates a clear contrast with the warm colours of the various wooden elements thanks to its cold tones: a classic combination of two materials used since the dawn of architecture, but not outdated today for this reason, especially in cases where the design has the task of helping to build an atmosphere of real authenticity. The choice of using the grout at the same level of stones is also typical and original of this place: this finishing is usually used to create a visually compact masonry, while the choice of grey as a shade for the GeoBi lightened mortar highlights the dark colour of the stone, creating a pleasant visual movement. The Geopietra® cladding was laid on a masonry of mineralised wood-cement formwork blocks, with the aim of maximising living comfort. The work was completed during the arrival of winter, just in time to enjoy the view of the completed work covered in a blanket of fresh snow, with its silent simplicity.


Chalets Alpenfreude rivestimento pietra legno

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