The German word “Bergdorf” means mountain village and it’s actually a term that well represents the Zaglgut hotel.

The newly built hotel complex is located on a raised position above Kaprun, an Austrian town, in the southwest of Salzburg. Just a short distance from the Italian border, Kaprun is a well-known location to fans of cycling, skiing and mountain view. The “village” consists of twelve chalets and thirteen suites, moreover it’s equipped with a heated swimming pool, a wellness centre, a fitness area and a restaurant. The buildings, which differ from each other and are built at different heights on a slope, reflect the architectural style typical of the Pinzgau region, where the upper floors are usually larger than the lower floors. The Geopietra® cladding, covering the ground floor, creates the base, so respecting the typical style of this architecture.

The stone provided had to offer non-uniform shapes and a dry split, features found in the Cascata model (Grigio Terra). The communal areas also feature Geopietra® finishings: we are talking about some of the external walls, for example, or the swimming pool area, where the masonry became the trait d'union between interior and exterior. Two of the buildings, in the centre, are visibly larger than all the others, while a single structure is particularly different: it consists only of the ground floor and it was completely clad in Geopietra® finishing on the external walls. While in the interiors we find many other wooden elements, as usual for the local stylistic practice, the stone cladding is dominant in the wellness centre instead, offering guests its innate ability to create relaxing and cosy atmospheres. In short, the Zaglgut Hotel is an emotionally impactful holiday oasis at first glance, designed to blend perfectly with the Austrian Alpine landscape during all seasons.


hotel Zaglgut Kaprun muratura pietra ricostruita

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