The client desired a true comfort zone, where he could host friends and taste some good wine.

From the initial idea of creating a “guest room”, it became the realization of a basement apartment in which everything is thought to create comfort and relax, from the chromatic choices to the lighting. Perfect was the choice of Alberese model for the cladding of the walls, warm and neutral tones, combined to a regular and clean laying, perfectly matches the idea of simple forms that characterizes the room’s style. Materials, colors, furniture and the suggestive atmosphere of walls in reconstructed stone Geopietra® are the main characters of a combination and contrast game perfectly balanced.

Interiors Architect Dominic Brüning, in collaboration with Fries Architecktenm says: “In 2017 our clints wanted to recreate their guest room located in the cellar. They dreamt of being in a chalet in the mountains. Since the cellar does not have any day light, we chose a warmer and “darker” direction. Antracite and wood combined with Geopietra® create a cozy atmosphere, gets you calm and in the mood for a glas of wine. Our clients liked the ideas so much, they didn’t only recreate the guest rooms but the hole cellar.”

In 2018 this project was published by Callwey in the book „Best of Interior 2018“:

cantina seminterrato pietra ricostruita

Photo By: Artur Lik -

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