The brand new tourist accommodation facility, Le Hameau, is situated in the famous ski resort of Les Deux Alpes, built in 1946 on the ancient pastures of the villages of Mont de Lans and Venosc.

The Tomasini design firm in GRENOBLE recaptures the ancestral character of local architecture in a contemporary design, with an appealing combination of form and function.The tourist development is based on the idea of a mountain village, and the urban layout incorporates this idea in various features, including pitched roofs, the buildings perched on the slope, the robust stone base, the alleyways and internal layouts.

The architect Bruno Tomasini has juxtaposed the black timber frame with Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer. The Briano model features stone blocks in a mix of profiles, surfaces and shades to accurately and discerningly convey the individuality of each wall. By using small GeoFit chips, the skill and care employed in the craftsmanship applied achieves a truly remarkable result that is in keeping with the surroundings. The new walls made of the PLUS model of manufactured stone veneer express the wonder of instinctive, spontaneous yet expert creations, full of ingenuity and originality.

The design is compact and homogeneous, but very diverse. The shades, hues and architectural mode of communication have produced a new, sophisticated and, thanks to the materials used, very durable complex. It makes its presence felt in a natural manner, imposing as a mountain and impalpable as a vision.


residence turistico pietra ricostruita vetrine

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