Arch. Guido Fries & Arch. Dominic Brüning


As the founder and owner of Fries Architekten, a long-awaited wish has come true. I’ve always wanted to develop and implement creative ideas with a team of great colleagues in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The philosophy of running a company in which each individual thinks and acts independently has never let go of me. Today I am happy because the effort, patience and discipline have paid off. Since it was founded in 1998, our team has grown steadily to become one of the largest architectural offices in Rhineland-Palatinate. Whether it is a family’s dream house, the presentation building for a company, the production facility for a commercial enterprise or a school building for our children. All projects are developed by us with passion into a completely individual one-off. In addition to the self-evident values such as adherence to costs and deadlines, the focus is primarily on uniqueness and long-term added value. We all work again and again with pleasure to inspire you with our architecture and our philosophy. I’m already looking forward to our next project. Guido Fries

Basement apartment

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