Alpine pastures and wonderfully wild nature: this is what surrounds the new building.

We are near the Klausen pass, in central Switzerland, which connects the villages of Altdorf and Linthal via the Schächen Valley. The Hotel Klausenpass is located in the old village of Unterschächen, which still has less than a thousand inhabitants, in an Alpine region formed by the Reuss river basin. It was created following the demolition of a historic liberty style hotel, which had presided over the valley for 120 years.

The hotel is equipped for sports tourists, particularly cycling enthusiasts, and is set in a landscape where buildings are a rarity. Klausenpass offers modern, cosy rooms, a restaurant, many parking lots and a fine outdoor terrace. The Geopietra® finishings, laid on fibre cement slabs, dominate the building, looking out the valley. Here the stone is interrupted only by a series of long dark wood panels applied on a rectangular section that isn’t surprisingly perpendicular with the main body of the building. The walls supporting the terrace were covered with the natural manufactured stone too, visually incorporating it into the structure. The aim of the project was certainly to camouflage the hotel, so as not to disfigure the wild environment of the area. So, the Swiss firm Linear Project AG opted for the Bergamo model, using Grigio Terra shade, laid with standard joints with GeoBi mortar in its darkest colour (Arena). Geopietra® is present inside the restaurant too, as a connection between exterior and interior. Murogeopietra® guarantees safety and durability even in the most prohibitive conditions, such as the long winters of this area.


hotel Klausenpass alpi montagna natura rivestimento pietra

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