Arch. Bruno Tomasini


“Established and focused on the steady desire to imagine, create and build new architectural forms in harmony with their environment, our agency distinguish itself by an aesthetic that is both plastic and radical. The operational and conceptional activity is made directly with the urban dynamism, its own land, its global context. Our practice is always fixed as requirement and as professional ethic to be open to others and to the world. The integration of the environmental approach, the search for the energy efficiency of the built envelope are part of the programmatic philosophy of all our projects. If contemporary architecture must constantly question the limits and modalities of life in society, we believe that the form it recommend must be able in return to impose itself naturally by the force of the evidence, so that the everything refers to its parts and the parts to the whole, in a fully organic way” (Bruno Tomasini).

Les Deux Alpes France
Residence Le Hameau

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