Arch. Marcus Schulz


Graduated in Civil Engineering and Architecture from TU Graz in Austria. He participated in numerous workshops and studies with Zaha Hadid, one of his main sources of inspiration. He collaborated with the Graz-based Szyszkowitz-Kowalski architectural firm for many years. In 2005 he opened his own architectural firm “SCHULZ-ARCHITEKTUR” in Graz.

"Teamwork is our major guarantee of success. In recent years, we have been able to develop our collaboration with Austria’s most renowned experts in this industry, namely in the design and development of major tourist projects in Austria and abroad".

Sustainable architecture that understands how to manage resources available responsibly, by combining spatial qualities and cultural requirements – a synthesis of technological engineering and socio-political value-oriented “requirements”. Marcus Schulz architecture encompasses bold creativeness and cross-industry skills, all targeted to find form and function as an expressive and emotional progress.

Architetto Marcus Shulz
Steiermark Leoben Austria
Asia SPA Leoben

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