Arch. Valeria Piccitto


A lover of beauty in all its forms, the architect Vincenzo Piccitto, has been practicing his profession since 1978. A distinctive sense of aesthetics and passion for art and design has characterized his projects since the very beginning. For years he has been involved in prestigious, national and international design projects for private clients. His daughter Valeria, who joined the team in 2008, has added a touch of novelty in the creation of interior design and furnishings.

Seeking innovative materials and adapting to specific situations have given a new imprint to the studio, making the designed settings truly unique. “The spaces we study are specifically thought for our customers, giving priority to custom-made furniture, as a garment tailored by a master dressmaker adapts perfectly to the body of the wearer.” Since 2003 numerous creations designed by Studio Piccitto have been published in notable interior design, furnishings and architecture magazines.

Architetti Vincenzo e Valeria Piccitto
Terrakotta brick
New Torre
Private cellar
Terrakotta brick

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