When Willo Blome, founder of the German design firm and his architect wife, Barbara Nöcker-Blome, decided to renovate and revamp the old lodge in Alto Adige that she had inherited from her Father, it was the start of a long process and four years of discussion, not so much about doing it, as much as how it should be done.

They soon realised that they had different ideas about its general style. He wanted the welcoming mountain warmth of lots of wood and pretty tablecloths, whereas she, as an architect, wanted something a bit more modern. In the end they came up with a style that both were happy with.

The original house was small, with just two rooms, a kitchen and fireplace, but with a stunning view of the mountains. A new floor with a double-pitched roof was built at first floor level of the old building. The lounge with open plan kitchen in black steel, sculptured staircase and glazed façade create a timeless, contemporary look, whereas old recycled timber and murogeopietra® were used for the walls and floors. "This isn't a compromise, it's the best of both worlds", says Willo Blome, adding that this masterpiece is the work of his wife.

The couple spent a lot of time overseeing the work, which was demanding but wise given everything that can go wrong in such a process. The effort has been worth it though, and has resulted in a charming, modern lodge, where the entire family can spend time relaxing and enjoying themselves. An ideal example of design embracing architecture.

The three-dimensional appearance of the murogeopietra® cladding is optimised with a professional installation that understands and respects traditional construction methods. Attention to detail bestows charm on the wall solution. The dark grey murogeopietra® Moderno model is installed using the dry technique, expressing the strength of the sculpted stone and instinctively matching the blend of colours in the aged timber. Both outdoors and indoors their symbiosis produces harmonious continuity, in the perfect blend of technical practicality and aesthetics. The murogeopietra® covering enhances the performance of the insulation provided by the abitasistema® cladding, making the structure stronger and more robust.


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Photo By: James Strokes

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