When Willo Blome, founder of the German home decor and accessories company Blomus, and his wife, architect Barbara Nöcker-Blome, decided to renovate and rebuild the old chalet in South Tyrol, inherited from Barbara's father, it was the beginning of a long decision-making phase.

The big challenge for this project? Bringing together two different styles. Mr. Blome longed for the warmth and coziness of traditional mountain chalets; while his wife conceived the old house as a place to be given a more modern style. Two different visions that found in Murogeopietra® the unifying element to design an extraordinary project: a charming and modern chalet. The best example of when design meets architecture.

Willo Blome referring to Murogeopietra® says, "It is not a compromise, but the best of both worlds” and adds: “This is my wife's masterpiece."

The original house was small and featured two rooms, a kitchen and a fireplace, with a beautiful view over the mountains. A new floor with a pitched roof was built on the first floor of the old building. The living room with its black steel open kitchen, sculptural staircase and glass gable give the house a modern and timeless look. Reclaimed antique wood staves were used for the floor while the Moderno model from Geopietra®, the proudly manufactured natural stone, was chosen for the wall cladding.

The three-dimensional appearance of Murogeopietra® cladding is optimized with a professional installation that respects traditional construction methods. Attention to details bestows charm on the wall solution. The model chosen, characterized by narrow and elongated stones in Grigio Scuro shade and dry - laid, expresses the sculpted stone’s strenght and instinctively matches the blend of colours of aged timber. Both outdoors and indoors, the symbiosis between stone and wood creates harmonious continuity; the perfect combination of technical and aesthetic function. Finally, Murogeopietra® cladding enhances the performance of insulation function provided by Abitasistema® external thermal insulation system, making the structure stronger and more resistant.


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Photo By: James Strokes

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