The stunning landscape is the protagonist in all seasons, through the large windows of the new Panoramic Lodge in Val Sarentino.

This 4-star hotel features 1000 m² of panoramic windows. The recent restoration has created the perfect combination of tradition and contemporary living, where the sensations of nature alternate with unforgettable experiences in the spirit of good taste and wellbeing. The architects Armin and Thomas Kienzl have transformed the old accommodation facility in Reinswald to capture all of our senses, resulting in 30 exclusive rooms and suites, a spa of 350 m² with a covered swimming pool and hydromassage tub on the roof, and a restaurant with wholesome cuisine made of natural ingredients.

Panoramic Lodge sits at an altitude of 1500 m and just 100 steps from the ski lift in the Reinswald skiing and walking area, with 200 km of paths right at the front door. The timber and stone structure flirts with the mountain skyline and the thick forests. The murogeopietra® solution chosen by the architects features stone with a regular profile. Large ashlars randomly positioned combine two models, Turano and Camuna, in a balanced mix of grey shades, available on request. Murogeopietra® was also chosen for its technical characteristics, featuring outside cladding with the guaranteed ABITASISTEMA® solution, and indoors where its detailed, essential style leaves no room for excess, and gives rooms a light, airy feel.

Shaped by a perfect installation and a quality finish achieved with GeoBi mortar, the texture of the walls in natural-coloured, manufactured stone veneer contrasts with light-coloured timber, large white backgrounds and anthracite black flooring. An understated, informal elegance which best expresses the charm of the hotel - an intimate, welcoming oasis, nestling in the mountains in the spirit of sustainability and 360 ° wellbeing. An appealing location for walkers, mountaineers, cyclists and skiers. Basically for anyone who loves nature!

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Photo By: The Panoramic Lodge

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