Terraces / paving and parapets

Waterproofing terraces can still be the cause of many problems even today. Even though there are reliable tested materials available, the same mistakes continue to be repeated, be it due to poor professional services, cutting corners to save money, or basic negligence.
The following are only a few cases that involve murogeopietra:

The tar’s critical breaking point is the internal corner therefore this must be offset by filling it out significantly, with it rounded off or set at 45°.

  • The tar lip must be over the edge of the skirting in the case where murogeopietra is also on the terrace’s internal wall (Fig.1a).
  • Before installing the stone, finish the head of the parapet by gluing a waterproofed with osmotic cement asbestos panel protruding at least 4 cm over the thickness of the murogeopietra, and then cover with coping (Fig.1b).
  • in the case of an interior plaster finish it is advisable to waterproof by continuing the tarring of the floor for the entire height of the parapet and proceeding under the cap edge up to 3/4 of the thickness of the murogeopietra. The interior plasterwork can be implemented using metal mesh or similar (Fig. 2a).
  • The top coping can be glued directly above the layer of tar (Fig. 2b).


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