The building is designed like a passive house and meets the latest energy efficiency requirements. In the Längsee house, wood is the natural building material used for the structure of the house and in the interior design, in a combination of larch and Swiss stone pine.

The base in murogeopietra gives a solid, concrete appearance to the new building, perfectly integrating it into the surrounding environment. In fact, the owner would have liked to modernise the 120-year old house but, the building fabric was too weak and therefore reluctantly had to demolish it. Today he is very satisfied with the new solution. "It has become an attractive building. "The two materials, stone and wood, were used to create two housing units that can be used separately. The "telescope", as the upper floor has been nicknamed, is located on the murogeopietra base, and is rotated 90 degrees. The large glass facade with a terrace in front focuses on the view of the picturesque landscape around the lake.

With his architectural concept, architect Stefan Kogler recreated the style of the old building and interpreted it in a contemporary way. "This orientation allows better use of solar radiation and offers an exceptional view of Lake Längsee", explains Kogler. The client deliberately chose wood, which for him represents warmth and nature. "The connection between man and nature is very important to me," he says.

Various pieces of furniture, such as chests and original wardrobes from the house, have been restored and complete the new furnishings, which are made of larch, as are the floors, stairs, windows and the balcony coverings. Stone pine wood is used in the bedrooms for a healthy sleep. The original texture of murogeopietra was chosen to cover the external thermal insulation of the facades. The squared STINO model in shades of brown creates a pleasant contrasting effect with the two-component GeoBi mortar, with coarse grain/MARCHE colour, used for pointing the joints between the stones.

In his dual role as architect and foreman, Stefan Kogler refines his ability to perfectly reconcile his clients' wishes and the local conditions.For him, architecture, like everything in life, is a case of pure passion.

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