Arch. Stefan Kogler


Stefan Kogler and his team specialise in renovating historic buildings, successfully combining the traditional 'substance' of the building with contemporary architecture. "There are three crucial aspects - aesthetics, a technically mature design, and the success of the implementation", underlined Stefan Kogler. Stefan Kogler has received numerous awards - in addition to the House of the Year award received in London, he had already been honoured with the GAD award, the Archilegno award from Graz Polytechnic, a 'sustainable project' award, and the Eichholzer prize. Stefan Kogler is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) thanks to numerous years in international business carried out in London. With additional training as a builder, he has a keen interest in sustainability and energy efficiency. With his practical approach, he skilfully combines shape and function.

Architetto Stefan Kogler
Villa Telescope on the lake
Hirt Austria
Brauerei Hirt

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