In the village of Trin Dorf, the design of La Pumera constitutes a link between the old stone houses with wooden barns, the old town centre, and the numerous large buildings built in the 1970s.

The new accommodation fits perfectly into the landscape, thanks to simple, concise architecture. The Auer Architekten di Coira firm has created 5 compact volumes arranged in a staggered layout. The three white-walled floors of each building rest on a stone base, which conceals garages and creates delightful outdoor space and gardens. All south-facing façades are covered in timber, as are the balcony parapets. The incredibly realistic look of the Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer is enhanced by the professional installation. The balanced rhythm of the dry stone installation and the attention to detail, such as the small GeoFit chips, accentuate the three-dimensionality and authenticity of the wall solution. This product of nature and people’s efforts is both spectacular and breathtaking.



residence alpinstyle legno pietra balconi

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