“Think and then create from nowhere a building where there was just grass field, it was like throwing a seed on the land, waiting it for germinate and then seeing it growing, the house was born this way, nearly spontaneously, such as a flower.”

With these words Architect Carola Vannini illustrates the project Capalbio Barn House, splendid dwelling immersed in the agrarian landscape of Tuscan olive tree groves. The house is composed of 2 parallel structures, crossed by a vast corridor, a symbolical “bridge”, that connects the pool view to the one “diametrically” opposite on the garden. The wide openings and big sliding glass windows, frame all the rooms of the house, beautiful glimpses on the Mediterranean garden, in a total merge and share of the interiors, with the surrounding nature. The majestic stone walling, cladded with murogeopietra® Ono Degno model, defines and enhances the living room and the bioclimatic greenhouse, a completely glazed location and main character of the project, where happens the gradual dematerialisation of volumes, towards the arbour and then the pool.

Even the choice of the Ono Degno model, varied in colours and forms, reflects the desire for nature, spontaneity yet tradition. This tradition is further highlighted by the choice of completing the masonry with an Over finish, where the insertion of the coarse-grained aggregate in the two-component GeoBI stucco recreates the rustic effect of the old walls. A game of contrasts with shades and modernity of the furniture and architectonical elements, such as the wooden roof and the steeled beams, and the durmast floor.

The sensation that we feel in this modern “barn”,” born as a flower”, is that the concept of interior and exterior doesn’t exist. Landscape and architecture are the main actors of a perfect balance between nature and design.


geopietra toscana uliveto natura pietra facciata

© Mattia Aquila photographer




Video Maker: Francesco Corbisiero

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