Arch. Carola Vannini


Carola Vannini was born in Rome in the 1973, She is graduated in Architecture at “La Sapienza” in Rome. She continued its formation by working actively in the architectural and design sector in big international cities, such as New York and Paris. After two years in New York, she came back in Rome and founded her design company, Carola Vannini Architecture, that also deals with interior design. Carolina’s approach arises from its varied international experiences and from the respect of using existing contemporary architectural languages. Her design finds a balance between the best of the old and of the new. Her projects are always faced with an eye focused on the aesthetical and functional needs of the clients, involving them in the whole creative process, until the furniture and planning of the details. This, therefore, creates unique, coherent and customized architectures.


Capalbio (GR) Italy
Capalbio Barn House
Ono degno

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