We are in Chur, the cultural and commercial centre of the upper Rhine valley, considered the oldest town in Switzerland.

Surrounded by an enchanting mountain scenery, the city offers a picturesque old town, formed by old buildings and narrow winding streets, while in the outskirts there are many contemporary-designed structures. This special residential complex was built here in 20215, oriented towards the Graubünden Oberland, so that residents can always enjoy a wonderful view. The authors of the project are the architects of Maurusfrei Architekten AG, a well-known Swiss studio with around fifty employees in two locations (in Zurich and Chur). Head of the firm is the architect Maurus Frei who, with his 30 years of experience in this business, declares that unique and memorable architecture comes from brilliant design and absolutely dedicated realisation.

Two ideas that were actually the basis for this realization, called "Wohnen im Rebberg", which translated literally means "living in the vineyard". The eccentric name is easily explained by the shapes of these buildings, which recall the typical terraces of the vineyards. The complex, with a non-orthogonal plan, consists of several structures, wisely designed to adapt and exploit the slope of the ground. Two of these are single-family houses, while the remaining houses offer seventeen apartments. The facades are horizontally structured and consist of window sections at different heights. Murogeopietra® was chosen for the proper covering of the facades, the containment walls and those surrounding the complex, using Bergamo model, characterized by dry laid regular and squared stones, which give solidity and regularity to the masonry, in a mix of light shades (mostly Bianco Terra, but Bianco Reale was also used) that makes the overall picture elegant, harmonious and uniform. The masonry was also laid on the external balconies of the very frequent and spacious terraces that characterize the entire project.

The complex is perfectly integrated into the landscape that surrounds it, for example thanks to the roofs covered with extensive vegetation, as well as thanks to some green views and bodies of water, with the dual purpose of creating green areas and ensuring privacy between houses.


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