8 European countries have submitted an application, including Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland, and in 2018 UNESCO included the art of dry stone walling in the list of intangible heritage of humanity.

Recognising the importance of dry stone walling in environmental and landscape conservation, and the skill required to build them, this ‘living' technique dates back to prehistoric times, and symbolises the harmonic relationship between the natural world and humankind. In Italy this tradition unites North and South, the alpine region of Valtellina and the Amalfi coast, Pantelleria and the Cinque Terre, and Salento in Puglia and the Itria Valley. Spontaneous architecture and landscape have always provided Geopietra with inspiration, and this has evolved into murogeopietra plus. This new installation style is beautiful and convenient in its simplicity.

The dry stone walls that provide the inspiration tell stories of toil and pure art, beauty and genius, among generations who built and inhabited amazing architectural works. These structures withstood adverse weather conditions without the use of mortar, using stones and rocks gathered from the surrounding land and arranged using an overlapping technique. The dry technique using manually rough-hewn square or irregular stones, has enabled strong constructions where striving for the perfect joint, staggering vertical joints, and creating a rhythmic horizontal pattern requires considerable care and attention. This was the starting point for our journey...

The traditional dry stacking technique has strict rules and requires considerable skill. These rules must be observed in a murogeopietra installation, to create stone walls that are impressive and inspired by tradition.


Observing the natural landscape and unconstrained rural architecture has produced the GeoFit SMALL / BIG / SASSO models of special inserts. The shapes and shades of GeoFit simply enhance dry stone structures of murogeopietra plus. In the dry application of murogeopietra plus, the language of stone, whether it belongs to a ledge or square stone, to an Opus incertum or Spontaneous profile, will always reveal a strong and intense character, emphasised by the vibrant colours of the earth and time. GeoFit components provide the detail that best reflects the authenticity of murogeopietra with respect to traditional dry stone walling.

Using Geofit Geopietra can create the small chips used to fill gaps between stones in dry stone walls. These small stones and rocks collected in the vicinity of constructions provide stability for larger stones in the walls of traditional homes. The detail uniquely characterises wall texture, depending on the resources available in the area. The versatility of GeoFit inserts facilitates installation and unleashes the emotion held within the primitive natural features of stone architecture Nowadays, the art of dry stone walling has a key role in architecture, to ensure an authentic reconstruction and the interpretation of tradition with a modern twist.

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