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With the focus on sustainability, regionality and healthy building, we want to make an effective contribution to our built environment. Our buildings focus on people and their need to live in a healthy house. There are plenty of materials in our immediate vicinity that have meaningful properties and offer everything that is needed for an emission-free building and healthy living. The aim is to use simple means and resource-saving construction to strengthen awareness of energy, material and the related handicrafts. It is important to bring the free energy of the sun into the interior of the house as directly and unfiltered as possible.

This does not always only require technology, but an intelligent conception of the building that is also able to use the energy. In addition, we are also interested in the embodied energy of components - which energies are put into the extraction, manufacture and delivery of a material or product in order to ultimately be able to install it. The simplest contribution to sustainability, however, is sufficiency.

It is conscious renunciation. The abandonment of avoidable space and unnecessary layer structures in order to create an efficient and resource-saving building. With these cornerstones and a clear idea, the great potential in sustainability can also be used. We at AuerArchitekten help you to create a healthy living environment and to make a valuable contribution to our environment and the future of our building culture through intelligent planning and construction. It’s worth it to us. AuerArchitekten has been an independent architecture firm based in Chur since 2004.


Canton Grigioni | Trin Dorf Switzerland
Residence La PUMERA

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