Arch. Hermann Kaufmann


Hermann Kaufmann (Reuthe, 11 June 1955) is an Austrian architect and a lecturer in wood design and structures at the Technical University of Munich.

(...) Building means researching the context - creating connections with the location, its features brought about by its natural surroundings, existing constructions and the community. We are connected to modern formal expression directed towards the future. ... We have two important issues to tackle - sustainable construction in its widest possible sense and modern wood constructions. We are in a position to cross the boundaries thanks to our in-depth and lengthy experience with wood. The benefits wood offers, with its ecological potential, are more convincing than ever. This local building resource offers the possibility of an alternative building method directed at the future, and we must include it in our daily and working lives as a viable alternative to conventional materials. (...) As far as we're concerned sustainability means considering the quality aspects of architectural knowledge, life cycle and ecology. We want to create buildings with intelligent designs that last and can be used in a multitude of ways.(...)

Architetto Herman Kauffman
Hirschegg Austria
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