Arch. Margherita Mattiussi


"I'm an architect but also a musician, so a bit of a mix by nature. I firmly believe in the benefits of mixing disciplines and forms of expression." Born in the Friuli region in 1982, she has turned her passions into a profession. She graduated with honours in 2006 from the IUAV University of Venice in Sustainable Architecture with a thesis on homes made of wood with the complete elimination of construction waste, after getting her diploma in viola from Udine Conservatory in 2005. With a passion for environmental and anthropological topics relating to architecture, she mainly deals with residential architectural design, especially energy-efficient constructions made of wood, in addition to furnishings and interior design. Always applying a multi-faceted approach, she has worked on cutting-edge Passivhaus projects abroad and been involved in research projects that focus on designs for the disabled.

Architetto Margherita Mattiussi
Private villa

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