Murogeopietra indistinguishable from natural materials

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Murogeopietra indistinguishable from natural materials

La Pineta villa was designed to replace a residential building in Versilia. The villa is aesthetically innovative in the entirely traditional setting where it is situated, with new features reflecting its unique style based on design choices and client requirements.

The starting idea for the project was to have three main partitions parallel to each other defining indoor areas, leaving the remaining perimeter closures glazed to create large bright rooms that face onto a large garden or the various balconies and terraces on upper floors.The staircase is the main feature of the interior, which combines its practical purpose with the aesthetics of the furnishings extremely well. Significant consideration was given to developing and creating construction detail and choosing materials, to comply with criteria on green building and energy savings and obtain an A classification.

The local council raised numerous issues during the design phase. As a result, our work and the construction were kept under strict control. Given the considerable dimensions of the walls, unfortunately our design exceeded the maximum plan limit. In other words, the total wall dimensions plus the stone cladding, multiplied by four long partitions, overshot the plan profile by 60-70 cm. 

Andrea Lapasini suggested using manufactured stone veneer by Geopietra, which is thinner, but I refused in the first instance believing it to be a poor imitation. What I was remembering were the initial coarsely manufactured solutions with unnatural colours because they were produced from American stone. Andrea insisted and I discovered that this product had changed years previously and, not only is it incredibly similar to our stone with numerous variations, the aesthetic and sensory results when the work is finished do not differ from the original. Murogeopietra is also exceptionally useful for maintaining and enhancing the insulation efficiency of external cladding with a tested installation system. Its light weight, individual modularity of the various models, guaranteed duration and the fact that it is easy to install were decisive factors in choosing this solution. Murogeopietra passes the real acid test when people looking at it have no idea that it was manufactured.

Architect Daniele Fiori


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Arch. Daniele Fiori

Daniele graduated in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic in 1985 with Marco Zanuso, who he then worked with on various projects and competitions. He completed a three-year Master's degree in Interior Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design) and then became a lecturer in Architectural Design at the Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design (Higher Institute of Architecture & Design). The design philosophy of Daniele Fiori rests on reclaiming the defining, historic values of locations in line with their spiritual character. An interest in history and the search for origins and architectural roots in a project lead him to working on detail with determination and perseverance.

In 2012 he set up DFA Partners to establish new, more innovative channels for professional dialogue. With an interest in the application of new technologies, contemporary trends on containing energy consumption, green building principles and ongoing research into new materials, his design work is carried out with a constant exchange between tradition and innovation.