Created by the architect and designer Antonio Citterio, the new residential project was coordinated and implemented by the architect Gianluca Tronconi, who he has worked with since 1992.

“We used murogeopietra to construct the external walls for the Santa Barbara residences in Bormio. These consisted of two adjacent buildings designed for residential use. The ground-floor flats face onto gardens and those on higher floors onto terraces with wooden structures. The material was chosen after researching traditional materials in the area. We needed a stone finish with a significant amount of bedding mortar to alternate with the structural wood covering and the local grey stone covering external paving. Murogeopietra made it possible to finish off corner details on openings perfectly. The technological requirements to contain energy consumption also influenced this architectural choice. We used murogeopietra for the EPS thermal cladding on the curtain wall which, being thin and highly efficient, produced a category A construction. We were delighted with the outcome from using Geopietra, both in aesthetic and technological terms”.

The solidity of a wall is the expressive form through which a designer defines an architectural project within a landscape. With its versatile expression murogeopietra provides a thick compact surface where the scale-effect TOCE model in its varied earth white shades matches the coloured GeoBi mortar.

...”In addition to the intrinsic characteristics of the building, architecture has to offer and create a place that generates wellbeing for its users.”...(Antonio Citterio, posted in Cover Story. Tracce, Moretti S.p.A., Web)

Murogeopietra is light and breathable throughout thanks to the technical characteristics of the innovative specially-designed two-component geoBi mortar. The beneficial features of the residential envelope are therefore guaranteed by natural ingredients and the excellent breathability offered by murogeopietra, which enhances insulation properties in solutions with external cladding.

Murogeopietra also encompasses the essence of the stone and the history it contains within. In this solution it is combined with essential lines and the interplay of wood and stone, solids and voids, gaps and continuity, splits and connections.

A great combination expressed through elegant, understated balance.


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