The snow has arrived and the Kauz Design Chalets create the appropriate warm, cosy atmosphere to make time spent here unforgettable.

Everything is brand new and ready to give that special holiday feeling with a touch of class, facing a view of the wonderful mountains of Carinzia and just a stone's throw from the cable car for the Katschberg-Aineck ski resort. The living area is spacious and equipped with high-quality products carefully designed by the owners Denise & Seppi Bogensperger in conjunction with local experts, the master builder Thomas Kirst and the interior designer Lisa Idziorek, who have thought about every detail carefully.

The Ono Degno murogeopietra model fitted to external cladding matches the materials selected for the outer finish perfectly, and the casual combination of shapes and colours of the stone enhances the typical natural appearance of the construction.Top quality can be noted in the detail and impeccable skill in the rough mortar finish on the walls, which create the pleasant ambience of the location's history and the feeling of time well-spent.

The region of Lungau is rich with myths and legends, and ancient customs that blend with unspoilt nature, where safeguarding the land is an integral part of the mindset.


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