Fluid communication between indoor and outdoor areas

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Fluid communication between indoor and outdoor areas

In this construction the architects Giovanna Sopelsa and Italo Tussardi have displayed the client's personality, whose requirements are the basis of creating unique functional spaces.

The villa is organised with compact volumes of simple lines designed to create a fluid indoor area where rooms are in harmony with each other and the garden, which outlines the property’s boundaries.

Murogeopietra shapes key areas by expressing the fluidity of integration between indoor and outdoor areas. Large windows, an inner courtyard with staircase spanning three floors, a terraced garden proceeding to a lower level opening up to the outdoors and large light wells demonstrate the consideration that was given to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with external areas.

The basic concepts of 2d2 architecture are obvious in this large villa - living areas designed in various shapes with special focus on landscape themes, environmental sustainability and interior design. Particular consideration has been given to materials and technological innovation, and the company is committed to maintaining close relationships with experts in carpentry and the textile/furnishings sector, to attend to the minimum level of detail in living areas. 


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Arch. Giovanna Sopelsa - Arch. Italo Tussardi

2d2 Architetti wurde 2012 in Padua von Italo Tussardi und Giovanna Sopelsa als natürliche Verschmelzung der einzelnen Erfahrungen in der Architektur gegründet. Der Schwerpunkt ihrer Studien liegt hauptsächlich in der architektonischen Gestaltung, in der Innenarchitektur und in der architektonischen Sanierung und Renovierung mit besonderem Augenmerk auf ökologische Nachhaltigkeit und technologische Innovationen, die die Architekten dazu bewogen haben, sich auf das Entwerfen von Häusern mit hoher Energieeinsparung zu spezialisieren.