Volterra - unique city of art, where the landscape through the changing seasons enhances the pervading air of mystery, solitude and romantic melancholy. City of stone, because its streets, towers, buildings and austere walls are all made of stone.

Everything is made of yellowish-grey panchina stone which often has shells of rare beauty on the surface. Volterra, also the land of alabaster, is a candidate for World Heritage status.

The elegant residential complex, with its timber frame and XLAM panels, rises up right at the foot of the Etruscan walls. Due to local town planning constraints, the designer adhered to the architectural Tuscan style of the surrounding landscape.

The two side timber sections are entirely covered with a Geopietra wallcovering. Stone native to the area was combined with the correct mix of shapes and colouring for the wall. The installation procedure was selected, in addition to the colour and detail for the GeoBi finishing mortar.

The central section of the timber house was finished off with a siloxane-based skim coat. The main front was completed with two colonnades with beam roofing and brick tiles in between, and steel columns covered in brick. The Cicalini firm opted for ventilated walls in areas where the stone is used, to optimise indoor comfort in summer. These are layered from inside to outside with a false wall technique for system feed-through, loadbearing XLAM panels, rock wool cladding 14 cm thick, waterproof breathable material, ventilation chamber, and fibre cement sheets which are covered with the Geopietra.



As a structure with various materials involved in different natural expansions, a double layer of natural Geocoll lime-based adhesive was applied to the fibre cement base, with Georete large fibreglass mesh inserted. This procedure helps to reduce and even mitigate any breakage points that may be difficult to detect in the design phase. This construction is a good example of the use of new construction technologies in keeping with tradition. The need to save energy and provide comfort can go hand in hand with creating a quality, expressive design of aesthetic appeal.  


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