BAU ONLINE:  Innovate and experiment? We’re in.

As for every edition since 2013, Geopietra® will be participating in the biennial trade show that focuses on architecture in Munich, except this edition which will take place entirely online. Between 13 and 15 January 2021, exhibitors and visitors will try out the BAU ONLINE digital platform for the first time, for a great virtual event on architecture, materials and systems.

 “We know there’s no replacement for meeting face-to-face or touching and feeling evocative materials full of detail, such as our manufactured stone veneer, but joining the digital format of BAU drives us to be innovative and not lose sight of future objectives”.

Live presentations can be selected on services and new features, in addition to digital meetings and one-to-one video calls, which will replace face-to-face meetings at stands. We have prepared a set of webinars in which manufactured stone veneer cladding will reveal its features, in addition to its technical, safety and practical benefits. We can walk through numerous Geopietra® wall arrangements in our 1200m2 showroom and discover how to create a customised design mixing different shapes and colours. All content and events will be streamed live.


Click below and get your free ticket now for BAU ONLINE, the digital platform for architecture, materials, and systems. Then you can attend the international construction industry conference in a virtual and safe environment to swap ideas on the latest developments.



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