People’s desire for comfort, solidarity and closeness to nature is increasing, especially in present-day times.

The residence constructed recently in Ellmau da Bau- und Planungsbüro Sebastian Resch seems to form part of this idyllic reality sought by so many. Far from the frenetic world and daily grind, the chalet is immersed in unspoilt nature, with two floors above road level, and a third level hidden on the hill slopes to minimise the impact of the building on the surrounding landscape. The considerable overhang of the terraces shelters convenient outdoor space, which overlooks the garden and wood against the impressive backdrop of the Wilder Kaiser region.

The engineer Leonhard Salfenauer has designed a chalet which is completely natural in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The timber frame is insulated with a guaranteed system and covered with murogeopietra®, finished with traditional quality features. Additional benefits have been achieved using geothermal and solar energy.

Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer combined with wood such as Swiss stone pine, larch and spruce is the ideal backdrop to a healthy lifestyle in touch with nature. The CASCATA model by Geopietra® consists of sculptured stone of varying shapes and the unique character of natural walls. It comes in the warm tones of the mountain landscape and expresses a profound geographical and cultural connection to its origins. The large panoramic windows and combination of natural materials envelop the chalet in a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere, turning cultural identity and tradition into cosmopolitan charm.



chalet luxury pietra ricostruita legno travi

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